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Experience greater confidence and collaboration in the face of innovation & disruption


Experience greater confidence and collaboration in the face of innovation & disruption

Your emotional skills help you make better decisions, increase resilience, and achieve optimal results. So how well do you recognize & respond to the emotional signals in yourself and others?

With a powerful blend of strategic business sense and emotional savvy, Dr. Susan Bernstein empowers existing and emerging leaders with the confidence and flexibility to handle any situation that arises at work. Drawing upon compassionate insights and extensive coaching experience, Susan will help you and your teams to increase self-awareness and leverage emotional intelligence to enhance professonal growth and attain business success.

Effectively Navigate Conflict

Understand the unconscious roles people play and how to transform tense situations into collaborative endeavors.

Improve Your Confidence

Identify your obstacles and learn how to speak up for yourself clearly and powerfully in a way that gets results.

Serve Challenging Clients

When clients & customers display challenging emotions, respond in mutually-supportive ways that strengthen business relationships.

Engage Your Emotions

Experience the positive power of your emotions at work and turn emotional stigmas into holistic strengths.

Need leadership coaching to support you -- or someone on your team?

Ways to Work Together

Speaking and Workshops

Develop framework and tools to shift from conflict to collaboration, build trust with clients and customers in emotionally-charged situations, and help emerging leaders build confidence.  Learn more >

Coaching on Demand for Organizations

Support your high-potential professionals and critical teams to help them develop leadership skills, think strategically, manage stress, increase emotional well-being, and achieve optimum performance. Learn more >

One-on-One Coaching for Individuals

Create an inspiring vision of your future, build a solid strategy to achieve it, and get personalized coaching to make meaningful changes. Susan coaches smart, emotionally-aware leaders to enhance confidence, clarity, and communication. Learn more >
Emotions Journal

"The revelations Susan helped me uncover have been completely life changing. In her most gentle way, she helped me realize I have been a victim, and that I did not need to be. I now feel I can approach my work in a more empowered, level-headed way. This has totally boosted my confidence. I’m very excited about the opportunities that have started to appear because of this self assurance I now possess."


VP of Sales, Technology Company, San Francisco Bay Area