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You know those conversations that go sideways, or south? The times you’re talking to someone, and it just devolves into a nasty conflict, or someone storms off, and feelings get hurt and issues remain unresolved?

I hate those kinds of interactions.

You, too?

I seldom face such nasty, hurtful conversations these days. And neither do my executive clients. I attribute the healthier, more productive communication to a simple (yet powerful) technique I’ve evolved. You can use this technique to resolve thorny issues and improve your relationships.

Here’s an example:  One financial services senior executive I’ve been working, who I’ll call Allison, with was really clashing with her co-workers. Allison is whip-smart, driven, and cares deeply about making things happen. But she gets really angry when people don’t get things done when by their promised due date. While she’d never yell, she could lash out with harsh comments, sarcasm, and mild threats.

Unfortunately for Allison, while she was right that her colleagues were late, she’d started harming her relationships because of how she treated her co-workers. People avoided her. They’d try to get off of projects she was managing. They tried to minimize contact with her. Allison just didn’t see what the problem was. And people were so intimidated by her that they didn’t tell her about the problems either. Allison was losing her power, fast.

As part of our coaching, I shared the Two-Track Technique™ I developed with Allison.

A week later she said to me, “Dr. Susan, this Two-Track Technique™ is a game changer. It helps me see where I need to focus my energy and attention. I don’t want to upset people. And now, I’m learning to be more caring in my communication, and also, people are actually coming to me when they have trouble with a deadline, instead of avoiding me. They’re getting more things done on time, or if they’re not, they’re helping us to jointly rearrange the work so it makes more sense. I love using this. It’s simple and powerful!”

So, I’d love to introduce you to the Two-Track Technique™, through a webinar I recently offered.

After you watch, please share your thoughts about the webinar and the Two-Track Technique™. You can leave your comments below.

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