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Helping people work through conflict is essential right now. 

If you’re embroiled in conflict, drama, or awkwardness at work, that’s naturally stressful. You might be fuming mad at a team members, scared because you’re being taken advantage of by a co-worker, or disappointed at being alienated or passed over for promotion at work.

And when Coronavirus has you working virtually — misunderstandings and conflict become more likely.

That’s why I’m offering 20-minute Conflict to Collaboration Complimentary Consultations. It’s my way of being of service in these trying times. I’d love to hear what’s troubling you in a conflict situation, and give you expert guidance honed over nearly two decades of helping leaders navigate change, chaos, and conflict. From April 13 to April 24, 2020, I’m offering these sessions with no strings attached and no sales pitch. Of course, if you’d like to delve deeper or want to work further together, we can make time to talk about that.

In your complimentary session with me, Dr. Susan Bernstein, I will gladly help you will kindly agree to these guidelines:

  • Answering all of the pre-session questions thoroughly is essential for getting the most out of our time together, so please take your time with your responses. I may send you a message asking for more details before our session. Please be sure to reply, or you will risk having your session cancelled. Also, if I feel I cannot be of help in your situation, I’ll let you know. 
  • You take 100% responsibility for resolving the conflict. I’ll give you my best guidance, and you agree hold me totally harmless for implementing any advice I give you. 
  • My expertise is in work-related conflicts, so while I’d love to be able to help with your marriage, kids, or friends, I’m sticking to my zone of genius. 
  • You agree to keep the content of our session confidential, and I will keep your information confidential. I reserve the right to discuss your situation in general terms for stories I share, but I will hide all identifying information. To get an idea of how I do that, please see my posts on LinkedIn.
  • Commit to showing up for your session. I offer these session out of an abundance of care. Please treat me and my time with respect.  
    To honor the limited time I have for offering these sessions, please do not schedule time for this if you cannot commit to attending. You may not reschedule your session.
  • In exchange for our time together, I ask you to write me a review or endorsement and email it back to me within 24 hours of our session. This helps future clients to feel more at ease working with me.

I was in an awful conflict at work. Susan somehow kept me from feeling overwhelmed. She is also empathetic, tapping into her own versatile experience while offering a perspective that helped guide me to being more adroit myself in this challenging interpersonal situation, even in a super brief interaction — her advice was immediately beneficial. She helped me to build on my professional and personal experiences to improve my confidence and leadership style and adjust my engagement with my challenging colleague. ANd I still refer to her curated reading and research suggestions. 

TK, Program Manager, Tech Investment Fund

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