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After working a five-day week, you want your weekend to be pleasurable, right? Ideally, the weekend is time to relax, be leisurely, and do things that feel uplifting and renewing, so you have plenty of energy to get through the week ahead. But sometimes, Sunday evenings become full of dread.

For some people,  Sundays may start off feeling pleasurable. But as the hours pass, the day starts feeling stressful. You’re filled with negative anticipation. You start dreading Monday morning. You wish you could keep relaxing. You daydream about calling in sick on Monday. You feel a knot in the pit of your stomach as you imagine going back to your job.

If that’s you, you’ve got a case of what I’d call the  Sunday evening “back to work blues.” You know you’ve got that condition when you

If you care about doing work that makes a difference in the world, it can be particularly awful to face the Sunday evening “back to work blues.” Those feelings are a sign that your work isn’t fulfilling right now.

I know how tough it can be to deal with the Sunday evening back to work blues. Fortunately, I know a cure. Get out some paper and a pen and take notes, because you’ll want to apply this remedy for yourself. I recorded this Facebook Live video recently.  (FYI, you’ll find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DrSusanBernsteinCommunity/)

In the video, I also discuss a great way to create the work you truly desire:  Come to the Livelihood & Life Reinvention Retreat with me the weekend of April 6-8, 2018. If you feel like you can make a great contribution to this world but need help finding your career direction, this retreat will help you make the shifts you desire. Plus, savings for you:   Get $75 off the retreat if you register by March 30 at 5 pm Pacific by entering the promotional code WORKONPURPOSE on the EventBrite registration page.

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