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Testimonials from my amazing clients

Praise for Dr. Susan

Organizational Clients & Speaking Engagements

"Susan has conducted excellent programs for a law firm leaders’ group that I run. She addresses complex topics like motivating lawyers and managing conflict in a way that is insightful, engaging and practical. And she balances serious issues with a sense of playfulness that makes learning leadership skills enjoyable."

Ida Abbott

Coaching & Training for Women Lawyers, Ida Abbott Consulting

"I invited Susan — my Haas MBA classmate — to present to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds senior practitioners. This is the first time we've offered a truly interactive workshop for this group as opposed to presentations. People loved Susan's dynamism and knowledge. Even more, they loved the interaction, the active learning experiences, and the practical recommendations Susan offered on how to shift when they are stuck in the "Drama Triangle" of conflict. We were surprised how different people interpreted their conflictual roles differently. Susan got us to open up and easily share our own experiences of conflicts and the traits. She also gave us many good strategies and practical takeaways, including: all it takes is for one to do the shift, none better than ourselves when we realize the role we are in! So, thank you Susan for bringing so much fun and energy to the group, and most importantly helping the group to ponder and transform their own approaches to conflicts."

Marianne Wai-ying O

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager, Lumen Advisors, CFA

"Our company hired Dr. Susan Bernstein to speak at our educational seminar for the topic stress management. Given that our company is mostly engineers, I wanted to find someone who could address the subject of mindfulness in a way that would resonate with our team. Susan's combination of her MBA and her PhD was a perfect combination to teach our group some effective stress management and conflict resolution techniques. She took the time to learn about our business to really relate to the group. She's an engaging speaker and extremely personable. I highly recommend Susan for your next guest speaker at a company event."

Emily Smith

Marketing & Communications Manager, Nova Partners

"I booked Susan for a talk at Intel on ‘ROLE’ – Return on Life Energy. I found the presentation to be very interesting and thought provoking. Susan shared concepts that one may have been familiar with in the past. However, the simplicity with which the message was conveyed is what appealed to many! They could relate to it. She engaged the audience well and the session was very interactive."

Monika Venkateshmurthy

Organizer, Women in Intel Conference

"Susan was the featured guest speaker for Women in Leadership at the Haas School of Business. Susan led our members through an informative and interactive session focused on the connection between the body and the mind. She provided a base of research and knowledge to introduce us to the topic, then discussed real life decision points and moments when we can leverage this knowledge, and finally had us practice techniques that we can use in our every day lives to draw that connection between our bodies and minds. Susan brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and life experience to the table to help women navigate through specific leadership issues."

Julia Ponce

Brand Manager, The Clorox Company

"Susan came to my school and gave a workshop on conflict shift. She was fantastic and everyone really connected with the presentation. Susan had great energy, great stories, and gave participants space to feel heard and share their stories. Susan helped students with both broad questions and particular issues offering excellent advice and perspective that is valuable for everyone."

Emma Allison

Product Manager, Jyve

"Susan facilitated The Conflict Shift mini-workshop for our members and guests. This workshop gave everyone a taste of the roles they play in uncomfortable conflicts and how they can shift their perceptions and behaviors so that they can be less stressful and more collaborative. I was so impressed with her presentation and would highly recommend her for any professional or corporate function. She made the workshop highly interactive and she took time to engage with the audience to answer their questions and give advice for shifting specific situations that the participants brought up. I received many positive comments and feedback from attendees. I highly recommend Dr. Susan Bernstein for any coaching or speaking events!"

Jeanette Kane

Future Women Leaders

"Susan Bernstein is an entertaining and inspired speaker. She delivers her message clearly and concisely with lively humor and sincere personal experience, offering worthwhile mind-body guidance and insight into how women leaders can be truly sensational."

Dana Edwards

Mills College MBA Program

Individual Coaching Clients

"When I started coaching with Susan, my work situation was incredibly chaotic, and I had way too much on my plate. With her guidance, I was able to look at every situation and decide what role I need to take in tackling tasks - from monumental to miniscule. Susan’s coaching allowed me to be more productive with my time, to prioritize effectively, and to be confident enough to say "no" when necessary.

Susan went way beyond the professional challenges. She also helped me change my whole life strategy, from the inside out. After each session, I felt empowered to address issues in a positive way. I enjoyed how simple her approach and suggestions were to implement. I grew so much during our sessions — and afterward, too. I continue to use the tools Susan shared with me to constantly improve on my personal and professional relationships."

Brenda Cashion

International Sales Director, Construction Industry, Dallas-Fort Worth Area

"I worked with Susan for over a year because I find her insight and guidance inspiring. Susan's ability to convey key leadership points and add easy real life "hacks" has been very helpful. From coaching, mentoring, and career advice to coping mechanisms Susan has an been invaluable resource."


Business Development Director, Fortune 500 Software Company, Boston Area

"Susan taught me how to stay calm under stress. She showed me how to perform better by utilizing the concept of mindfulness and the ability to witness myself objectively. With her coaching, I now incorporate simple things like changing my body-posture or asking myself the right questions, and these have caused a major difference in my approach to any problem that I face, be it personal or professional. Susan's recommendations are helping me go a long way in keeping my objectives truly focused; in realizing my true potential; and eventually in realizing my dreams!"


Technical Manager, IT Infrastructure Company, Silicon Valley

"Susan was referred to me shortly after a significant career setback. Prior to our first meeting I was apprehensive about dealing with someone who didn't know about me or my situation. During our first discussion she immediately put me at ease. She was clear that her objective was to help me achieve my life goals, not just my career ones. She delivered on that promise.

Susan's methodology helped me take a comprehensive look at my life and my real goals. She helped me wade through the baggage of where I had been and where I had thought I wanted to go. She helped me reconnect with my life goals and encouraged me to embrace those things that are most meaningful in my life.

I have emerged as grounded and clear about my life direction. In a personable but tough way she prepared me for the next chapter of my journey and helped me gain the courage to push myself off the dock. I am on my way and forever grateful."


Entrepreneur & Managing Partner, Architectural Services Firm, San Francisco Bay Area

"The revelations Susan helped me uncover have been completely life changing. In her most gentle way, she helped me realize I have been a victim, and that I did not need to be. I now feel I can approach my work in a more empowered, level-headed way. This has totally boosted my confidence. I’m very excited about the opportunities that have started to appear because of this self assurance I now possess."


VP of Sales, Technology Company, San Francisco Bay Area

It was a very, very good retreat for me. was an amazing experience. I gained a lot more tools than I ever expected. This is one of the best professional development experiences I've ever had. Susan was so thoughtful in her responses to everyone. I learned a lot. The pace of the weekend worked well for me. I felt pushed, but not too hard. Just right to make the changes I've been seeking. I'm so excited about reinventing my work the way I've always wanted to do it.


Corporate Graphic Artist, Northern California

"Susan is a genius at really getting to the root of things, and having you come to your own conclusions on how to shift things towards the result you're hoping to achieve. The simple shifts I learned from Susan are with me every single day. They've helped me not only resolve issues in my personal life, but get more business. It's really remarkable! I've found my personal power that was getting buried under daily life."


Entrepreneur, Boston Area

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