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"When I started coaching with Susan, my work situation was incredibly chaotic, and I had way too much on my plate. With her guidance, I was able to look at every situation and decide what role I need to take in tackling tasks - from monumental to miniscule. Susan’s coaching allowed me to be more productive with my time, to prioritize effectively, and to be confident enough to say "no" when necessary.

Susan went way beyond the professional challenges. She also helped me change my whole life strategy, from the inside out. After each session, I felt empowered to address issues in a positive way. I enjoyed how simple her approach and suggestions were to implement. I grew so much during our sessions — and afterward, too. I continue to use the tools Susan shared with me to constantly improve on my personal and professional relationships."

Brenda Cashion

International Sales Director, Construction Industry, Dallas-Fort Worth Area


Simply click to register for an initial 30-minute session with Dr. Susan for $197.

If you wish to continue on the pathway to emotional empowerment, Susan is happy to discuss longer-term packages. Additional coaching packages start at $995 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

Register for a 30-minute session with Dr. Susan