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Visible & Valuable at Work

Find your way to be more visible & valuable in your career!

What are people are saying about the Visible & Valuable program and working with Dr. Susan Bernstein? 

Right from my introductory call with Susan, she helped me to see that my manager was toxic. He’d played a lot of games with me that contributed to my feelings of inadequacy. I didn’t start off my role that way, but he joined my second year with the company, and it was turmoil from the start. Susan helped me learn to see the political dynamics and maneuver effectively. I got out from under his control, have a new role, and am making more money and a much bigger impact. Definitely feeling so much more visible and valuable! 

Vice President, Media Company

I got promoted into a new role and  realized I needed support in operating at a different level in the organization. Things that had always been difficult – struggling with confidence, speaking up in challenging political situations, and addressing conflict constructively – became more important to address than ever. I realized that if I didn’t evolve, I’d get stuck at an organizational level – and emotional intelligence level – and stay there. I’m happy to report that with Susan’s coaching, I’ve made significant shifts in my ability to operate more effectively, calmly, and confidently. Susan’s unique focus combines an empathetic, psychology-based approach to helping me address emotional blocks, along with a keen business savvy to support me in implementing better strategies at a corporate level. I highly recommend Susan’s Visible & Valuable program as it’s supported my ability to make needed, lasting change.

Senior Manager, Leading Consulting Firm

I was dealing with a very challenging conflict at work, and wasn’t sure how to proceed. I wanted to handle it in a respectful way for everyone involved. So I reached out to Susan and am so glad I did. She helped me to see the situation from all angles, and to look at the strategic and emotional factors for everyone involved. We laid out a series of options for how to respond, and she even helped me to know what to say. I’m glad to report that things worked out better than I’d anticipated. Susan is masterful at quickly grasping the interpersonal dynamics and coached me to see with fresh eyes. She doesn’t take sides — in fact, she helped me to respond in ways that elevate everyone’s best qualities.

Analytics Manager, Top Data Management Company

I was crushed the second time I didn’t make SVP. I really started to think of giving up my career and doing something totally different. I see now, with Susan’s help, that I was consumed with shame. We worked on that, and almost magically, people started treating me better. I also launched a blog that started getting media attention. And recruiters started calling me. That’s when it hit me — I’d been beholden to my company. With Susan’s help, I widened my lens and got a promotion in a new company, whose culture fits me much better. I’m making more money, feel much more relaxed, and work flows so much more easily. 

Senior Vice President, Financial Services Consulting Firm

I worked with Susan and I saw three important shifts as a result – more confidence in myself as a leader and my abilities to manage a rapidly growing team through times of intense change; better recognition in what I have to offer other leaders both within and outside my organization; and a general overall greater understanding of how I want to develop my leadership and set goals for the future that focus on me not just my team

Associate VP, International Non-Profit

Susan has guided me through growing my current role as well as exploring and envisioning my future endeavors She also helped me to speak more powerfully about myself and the products I manage. Sometimes, I would shy away from conflict situations, feeling nervous or unsure of myself. Susan helped me to cultivate greater confidence and now I feel so much more valuable. In addition, Susan helped me envision what different future career paths could look like. It’s easy to fall into the daily patterns of work and it was so refreshing to be able to discuss my current and future work life with Susan, who guided me to expand my vision, build my confidence, and feel inspired about using my talents in more meaningful ways. 

Product Manager, San Francisco Bay Area