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Coach On Demand

Bring out the best in your workplace

Invest in your valued employees with personalized leadership coaching.


Empower employees to make bigger and more fulfilling contributions.

Work is where many of us want to share our talents and abilities. When we’re impeded from doing so, that hurts.

Stress, lack of mentorship, conflicting personalities, and work/life imbalance are all factors that prevent us from being our best. Dr. Susan Bernstein empowers employees to uncover their barriers to personal achievement in a sensitive and respectful way.


Enhance engagement, build skills, and boost morale.

With deep business strategy experience and psychological mind-body insights, Dr. Susan quickly gets to the heart of performance issues, addressing them with actionable solutions, using practical frameworks. Dr. Susan helps employees to shift their perspective and recognize challenges and conflicts as opportunities for collaboration and change.

"The revelations Susan helped me uncover have been completely life changing. In her most gentle way, she helped me realize I have been a victim, and that I did not need to be. I now feel I can approach my work in a more empowered, level-headed way. This has totally boosted my confidence. I’m very excited about the opportunities that have started to appear because of this self assurance I now possess."


VP of Sales, Technology Company, San Francisco Bay Area

Dr Susan Bernstein's Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Susan Bernstein’s highly experiential workshops provide participants with the framework, tools and skills to use their emotional intelligence to navigate conflict. Her speaking engagements are ideal for women’s groups, HR organizations, and companies who want to empower participants to solve problems on their own.

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How it works

For Staff Members

Beginning with a “Coach on Demand” kick off session, your staff members are introduced to Dr. Susan Bernstein via live webcast as their go-to provider of guidance, insight and professional development. Depending on the level of engagement you wish to have with Dr. Susan, employees can receive her weekly stress and conflict management tips via email as gentle reminders to regularly tune into their emotions and be mindful.

Staff members who find themselves faced with workplace challenges are invited to email Susan for an appointment. Within 24 hours, Susan will provide a link to her online calendar and a private questionnaire to focus the session to save time.

During the call or Skype session, employees can discuss their personal issues with Dr. Susan to obtain a variety of strategic tools to address their situation, as well as emotional encouragement. Coaching sessions focus on a single issue during the 45- to 60-minute meeting. A confidential recording of the session can be provided to the employee as a refreshing reminder that they are supported.

Dr. Susan will follow-up with session notes as reminders of the key guidance, along with her follow-up action recommendations. A week later, Susan will follow up again via email to see how the employee is doing with implementing her guidance.

For Management

Depending on the volume of monthly sessions your organization selects, Dr. Susan will provide a 30-minute update call with your management every 8 weeks.

In advance, Susan will send an email to the management team. She will include an overview of the themes of the sessions. To protect individual confidentiality, team members will not be identified; however, key issues will be surfaced.  Additionally, Dr. Susan will host a scheduled phone meeting with your management, so they can ask questions, discuss findings, and strategize organizational shifts.

"When I started coaching with Susan, my work situation was incredibly chaotic, and I had way too much on my plate. With her guidance, I was able to look at every situation and decide what role I need to take in tackling tasks - from monumental to miniscule. Susan’s coaching allowed me to be more productive with my time, to prioritize effectively, and to be confident enough to say "no" when necessary.

Susan went way beyond the professional challenges. She also helped me change my whole life strategy, from the inside out. After each session, I felt empowered to address issues in a positive way. I enjoyed how simple her approach and suggestions were to implement. I grew so much during our sessions — and afterward, too. I continue to use the tools Susan shared with me to constantly improve on my personal and professional relationships."

Brenda Cashion

International Sales Director, Construction Industry, Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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