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Individual Coaching

Do you feel that stress, conflict or emotional insecurity are standing in your way of success?


Do you find it difficult to stand up to strong personalities, take criticism, or navigate workplace politics?


Are you ready to engage your emotions, step up your leadership and make a greater impact?


Don’t suppress success. Transform your emotional challenges into powerful insights and strategic action.


When you embrace your emotional sensitivities and channel them in a constructive direction you experience empowerment. Dr. Susan Bernstein helps existing and emerging leaders like you to identify your emotional obstacles and works with you to develop customized strategies and practices that allow you to be your best at work.


Feel calmer. Be more confident. Communicate more clearly.


When we choose to work together, I will be your confidante, advisor, and ongoing supporter. I wil support you to grow beyond the challenges you face. You will uncover new opportunities to enhance your relationships, increase your personal power, and experience your full leadership potential.

"Susan is a genius at really getting to the root of things, and having you come to your own conclusions on how to shift things towards the result you're hoping to achieve. The simple shifts I learned from Susan are with me every single day. They've helped me not only resolve issues in my personal life, but get more business. It's really remarkable! I've found my personal power that was getting buried under daily life."


Entrepreneur, Boston Area

Who I work with


I coach smart, ambitious professionals who are also emotionally sensitive and aware. You may have been passed over for promotion, told to “tone it down,” or lack full confidence, and you sense that your emotions may be part of what’s holding you back.


You’re passionate about making a difference through your work. Never satisfied with “going through the motions” or “playing games,” you need to be your authentic self in whatever you do.
Personal and professional growth excites you. You’re looking for a coach to custom-tailr unique activities and experiments that allow you to overcome obstacles, glean important insights, and develop new skills and talents.


You aren’t afraid of commitment and hard work. You know those are key to your growth. Youre seeking the guidance, training and perspective from a coach who will push you when you need a nudge, and will nurture you when you need empathy.

You want a coach who is absolutely committed to you attaining the goals that matter to you.

That’s why I only take on a limited number of individual clients each year. That way, I can focus intently with you, giving you highly personalized attention.

My coaching includes a blend of ongoing phone, Skype, and email support. And if you’re local to the San Francisco Bay Area, we can even mix in some in-person time together.

"When I started coaching with Susan, my work situation was incredibly chaotic, and I had way too much on my plate. With her guidance, I was able to look at every situation and decide what role I need to take in tackling tasks - from monumental to miniscule. Susan’s coaching allowed me to be more productive with my time, to prioritize effectively, and to be confident enough to say "no" when necessary.

Susan went way beyond the professional challenges. She also helped me change my whole life strategy, from the inside out. After each session, I felt empowered to address issues in a positive way. I enjoyed how simple her approach and suggestions were to implement. I grew so much during our sessions — and afterward, too. I continue to use the tools Susan shared with me to constantly improve on my personal and professional relationships."

Brenda Cashion

International Sales Director, Construction Industry, Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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