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Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Susan Bernstein is an engaging speaker and workshop leader who supports organization to address three areas where emotions run high:

  • Conflict
  • Confidence
  • Customer/Client Service
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Susan has custom-crafted workshops & speaking engagements for organizations including:


  • Abbott Labs
  • Accenture
  • Aiken Welch Court Reporters
  • Alameda County Bar Association
  • American Women in Science
  • Association of Women MBAs
  • DisruptHR
  • Esalen Institute
  • Forte Foundation
  • Green Festival
  • Haas School of Business – Berkeley
  • HR West Conferences in 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Marin Arts Council
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • San Francisco Coaches Association
  • Sedgwick, LLP
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Stanford Graduate School of Engineering
  • The Tech Museum, San Jose
  • University of California – San Francisco
  • Women at Intel Network Conference
  • Women in Law Empowerment Forum
  • Women in Leadership Conference
  • Women’s Initiative – East Bay
  • Young Non-Profit Professionals
  • Young Women Social Entrepreneurs
  • Zendesk-Relate
  • 100 Women in Finance



The Conflict Shift:  How to Navigate from Conflict to Collaboration
When a conflict arises in your organization, how do people handle it? Does a lot of finger pointing and fighting distract people from being productive? Or do they know how to focus on fixing the underlying issues? This workshop gives everyone the frameworks and tools to understand conflict, and navigate from conflict to collaboration.

The Stress Shift:  Tools and Techniques for Quickly Creating Calm, Clarity, and Confidence
Your people are under constant pressure: challenging work, deadlines, delays, changes, new technologies, competing work/life priorities. In the face of all this, how do you stay calm? This experiential presentation will support you to bring mindfulness to coping with stressors, with tools and practices to rapidly generate greater resilience and productivity.

Get Angry at Work, for a Change
In this high-energy, experiential presentation, discover the unexpected wisdom of anger and the ways to engage this red-hot emotion in a way that benefits you and others, rather than being harmful. Learn to respond to your angry impulses, and gain insights that will make your organization, your projects, and you healthier and more productive.

Scared and Stuck: How to Address Anxieties and Worries at Work
When they’re gripped by anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt, your professionals feel gripped and paralyzed, so they’re creativity and productivity are stifled. Learn how to tame the tension, open up the mind, and access the underlying positive power behind anxieties. When they decrease the power of worry, your employees can give so much more of their innate potential.

"Our company hired Dr. Susan Bernstein to speak at our educational seminar for the topic stress management. Given that our company is mostly engineers, I wanted to find someone who could address the subject of mindfulness in a way that would resonate with our team. Susan's combination of her MBA and her PhD was a perfect combination to teach our group some effective stress management and conflict resolution techniques. She took the time to learn about our business to really relate to the group. She's an engaging speaker and extremely personable. I highly recommend Susan for your next guest speaker at a company event."

Emily Smith

Marketing & Communications Manager, Nova Partners

Speaking Engagements

The Positive Power of Seemingly Negative Emotions
Anger. Sadness. Fear. These are emotions that many people try to avoid or hide, especially at work. But what if these feelings are actually beneficial signals? Attendees will transform biases about these so-called “negative” emotions, and learn to tap into their wisdom and power to fuel their careers in positive ways.

Engage Your Emotions, Elevate Your Leadership
Some people would argue that “being emotional” is a weakness at work. Executive coach Dr. Bernstein aims to help shift that. The leaders she supports know this: When you harness the positive power of your emotions, you build unstoppable confidence. Learn to identify and express your emotions in a way that’s healthy and productive — for you and your colleagues.

How to FEEL Your Way Through Stressful Situations and Succeed
The way you respond to your emotions impacts both how you feel and how others perceive you. Learn about the IFEEL Framework, researched and developed by Dr. Susan Bernstein, to navigate even strong emotions. Discover how you can use this approach to reduce stress, calm your mind, help you think more clearly, and relate better to others.

"Susan has conducted excellent programs for a law firm leaders’ group that I run. She addresses complex topics like motivating lawyers and managing conflict in a way that is insightful, engaging and practical. And she balances serious issues with a sense of playfulness that makes learning leadership skills enjoyable."

Ida Abbott

Coaching & Training for Women Lawyers, Ida Abbott Consulting

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