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You pride yourself on being friendly, resourceful, and generally working well with others.

But…right now, you’ve got a challenging work situation. It’s got you wondering why you have to interact with someone so difficult.

If you’re embroiled in conflict, drama, or awkwardness at work, that naturally stressful. Especially when you’re a self-aware, conscientious, high achiever.

You’d just like to do what you do best. But it seems someone is making that harder.

You might be fuming mad at a team members, scared because you’re being taken advantage of co-worker, or disappointed at being alienated or passed over at work.

A Working Relationship Relief Triage session with Dr. Susan Bernstein will help you if you’ve got a situation like one of these I’ve helped professionals to resolve or repair:

  • You feel you’ve been sabotaged, or “thrown under the bus” by a manager or project leader who is undermining your credibility
  • You’re managing two direct reports or project team members who are locked in a nasty conflict situation and you need guidance on how to help them
  • You’ve got a co-worker who has been gossiping about you or sabotaging your work, and you want advice on how you can regain your pride and reputation
  • You’re stellar at what you do, but you’re not getting the recognition or visibility you feel you deserve, and you want some strategies to shift that

It’s time for ​Working Relationship Relief!

Consult 1:1  with Dr. Susan Bernstein over a 2-week period and we’ll triage your situation and improve your communication and help you feel more relaxed and reassured in this working relationship.

Susan will help you diagnose your situation, and then get remedies to apply, plus ongoing help to give you the relief you’re seeking. 

Get the strategies and support you need to feel strong and confident at dealing with a difficult working relationship. Improve that relationship so you can work effectively and share your talents and get back to the work that matters.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Share what’s happening
You get to pour out your feelings and explain the situation in the Work Relationship Relief Triage Pre-Session Questions that you’ll answer confidentially.

This information will help me to know how to help you.

Step 2: We meet by phone or Skype
We have a one-hour session, where you share more about what’s happening.

I will give you my diagnosis of the situation, and share at least one remedy with you, specific action steps you can take to get relief.

Your remedy might be suggested change in language, a behavioral shift, an experiment, or other approach for you to improve the interpersonal dynamics of your situation, so you feel more powerful and confident again.

This session is recorded. That way, you can listen or watch for y9our personalized guidance again and again so you gain maximum benefit.

Often, I share specific phrases or language you can use, and my clients love hearing these repeatedly, so they learn to use them for more powerful communication.

After the session, you will receive my written notes with a diagnosis of your work situation and the remedies I suggested, so you can work on them. But that’s not all…you get more…

Step 3: Two weeks of unlimited support, plus two “check ups”
You get ongoing support, too. For two more weeks after your initial situation, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email to ask questions, share what’s happening in your situation, and adjust the guidance based on what’s happening at work.

You’ll also have two 15-minute phone check-ins with me.These brief check-ins are meant to be like “checkups,” where we chat and see how you’re doing, so we can make tweaks and adjustments to the strategies I recommend for you.

The first check-up is a one week after your session. The second check-up is within two weeks after your first session.

Your investment?
I’m piloting (aka, beta testting) this new coaching. As I test this approach, it’s just $349 for all this support. Plus, I request a testimonial (which I can help you write) afterward.

FYI, normally, a single one-hour session with me is over $700, so this is a significant savings and a chance for you to remedy a difficult work situation with expert guidance, so you feel stronger, more powerful, and ready to handle a tough working relationship more easily.

How to get started?
Make payment here.[asp_product id=”25977″]  

After you make payment, we’ll send you an email so you can confidentially answer the Work Relationship Relief Triage Pre-Session Questions and schedule your 3 sessions (initial one-hour, then 2 follow up 15-minute sessions) with Dr. Susan Bernstein.

Got a question before getting started?
Reach out at ​Hello@DrSusanBernstein.com and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. 

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